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Creating & Editing Content

Creating Content

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Recent Posts

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In WordPress, pages are used to create content that has no association with time i.e. it is not organised by the date or time the content is posted). Pages are most often used to display timeless information about your organisation or group. 

In contrast, Posts are entries listed in reverse chronological order on your site. Think of them as articles or updates that you share to offer up new content to your readers. You can display them on your Webspace site in different ways, such as by using the Blog Posts block. Learn More about when to use posts vs pages in the WordPress Documentation. 

Both pages and posts utilise the new block editor in WordPress. This is a great article explaining how to create a new page or post utilising the block editor. 

There are two page layouts developed specifically for the Durham Webspace Platform: Interior Pages and Landing Pages.

In addition to page templates, Blocks are the basic elements that will make up your pages. You can learn more about creating content using WordPress Blocks in the Blocks section of the site.