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Example Interior Page

Interior pages are the default page layout on the Durham Webspace Platform.

Creating Content

Example Text Widget

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The Interior Page is the default template for new pages created. It has the option to have a sidebar, but please note that some blocks, including the Hero Block, are not designed for use with this template. Users can choose to have the sidebar on or off and decide which side (left or right) that it appears on.

Interior pages do not support hero blocks, but they do have to option to add a page header like you see here. You can add a header image to an interior page by scrolling to the bottom of the page to the “Header Section”, selecting “Use optional display header instead of page title”, and entering the content you would like added.

You have the option to set a sidebar site-wide, but also to override the sidebars on a page by page basis. Here is a video walking through the steps to override the sidebar on a single page.